Getting Your Braces Off

You and your braces will be together for a long time. It may be months or a year. It may seem like you will be stuck together forever, but one day, your teeth will be properly aligned and it will be time to remove your braces. Getting your braces off is done in one appointment…. Read more »

How to Deal with a Broken Retainer

If you wear braces, it’s a safe bet that you will have to wear a retainer when they come off. Since every person’s orthodontic situation is different, every person will need to wear their retainer for a different length of time.  But, you will have to follow the ’s instructions about wearing it to make… Read more »

Getting Ready for Braces

How will you know if you need braces? It may be obvious to you that you or one of your children need braces. Or your dentist may recommend that it is time for you or your child to get braces. Of course, it’s a good idea for your kids to have an orthodontic screening at… Read more »

Consider Orthodontic Treatments for Your Smile

Many people wish to have straight teeth in their smile. Thanks to orthodontics, your wish can come true! Orthodontic treatments can improve the alignment of your jaw and teeth, so your smile is placed in the ideal position for optimum oral health. Luckily, there are many different orthodontic treatment options to consider. Our , Dr…. Read more »

Top-Notch Smiles for Spring: Invisalign®

Several forms of orthodontic treatment can prove to be beneficial for your oral health care. However, none can often stand tall along the benefits that Invisalign orthodontic aligners can provide. Invisalign aligners are crafted and designed for each individual smile to provide the best care possible. Furthermore, they have several unique benefits that set them… Read more »

Why You need Braces

A winning smile gets you places in life. From increasing your self-esteem to helping you be more willing to participate in multiple social events, a straight smile is a key to success. But while quite a few people need braces, not everyone does. Some are born with straight-enough teeth, so why bother with braces? There… Read more »

Coping With a Broken Retainer

Keeping your retainer in good condition is an important step in your orthodontic treatment. Your retainer helps to finish the work that your dental work started, and is necessary for keeping your teeth and the ligaments in your jaw in their new positions. However, retainers can break or get damaged. Damage to your retainer can… Read more »

Straightening Your Teeth as an Adult

At any time in the United States, approximately 50 percent of the orthodontic patients are adults. More people are opting to straighten their teeth later in life. But before moving ahead, you need to have a conversation with our orthodontist, Dr Sellke & Reily to make sure that you are choosing the best option for… Read more »

Maintaining Your Teeth and Your Braces

Are you aware of how to clean and care for your braces? Even though you have braces, you need to continue to follow your oral health regimen for your teeth and gums, as well as for your braces. Taking care of your braces is important because they will need to function properly for the length… Read more »

Align Your Smile with an Orthodontic Aligner System Like Braces

Is your smile out of alignment and in need of adjustment? If so, orthodontic braces are designed specifically to fix malocclusions and misalignments in smiles that can cause havoc for your oral health. Align your smile with an orthodontic aligner system like braces. Here are a few tips about orthodontic braces: – Crooked teeth have… Read more »