Introducing Dental Monitoring at Sellke & Reily Orthodontics!

  Faster, More Efficient Orthodontic Treatment with Fewer Appointments   The reality of living in the information age is that we’re all glued to our phones.  We rely on them for everything, from quickly playing our kids’ favorite songs to head off a tantrum to securing our homes while we’re out. At Sellke & Reily… Read more »

Orthodontics: Oral Hygiene Tips

If you’re currently aligning your smile with braces, then it’s important to do all you can to clean and care for your appliance, teeth and gums. This means you need to keep up on oral hygiene. Oral hygiene can help you have a more successful orthodontic appointment and it can even help you prevent dental… Read more »

Traditional Braces May Be Needed to Address Overcrowded Teeth

As your child’s mouth continues to develop their oral structure can change to provide the necessary space to accommodate their 32 permanent teeth. Sometimes multiple teeth can emerge very close to each other, which can lead to an overcrowding and alignment issues. If you have noticed a problem like this with your child’s mouth, it’s… Read more »

Taking Good Care of Your Braces

You and your braces are going to be together for a while. It won’t be the longest relationship you ever have, but it is an important one, and you need to make sure you take proper care of your braces so that they can do their job. Since your mouth felt pretty tender when you… Read more »

Things to Think About for Adults Getting Braces

When we think of braces, we think of kids and teenagers with a mouthful of metal. We may think of braces as a part of those “awkward years.” But the truth of the matter is that braces can help straighten the smiles of people of all ages. As long as you have healthy teeth, you… Read more »

The History of Braces

You may feel like you are the only person in the world that has had to deal with braces. The truth is that the issue of improperly aligned teeth has been a problem for people as long as there have been people. In the same vein, people have been trying to straighten their teeth for… Read more »

Keeping Your Retainer Safe

When you get braces, you may wear them for a period of months or for more than a year. Even though it may seem like you are going to be stuck with them for the rest of your life, at one point, the day will come when your braces are removed. But, you aren’t quite… Read more »

Invisalign or Braces: Which is Better?

At Sellke & Reily Orthodontics, we know that when it comes to simply spectacular smiles, traditional braces are a tried-and-true orthodontic treatment. Meanwhile, we are known for being on top of the latest technology to make sure you’re getting the best of the best when you come to our practice. So, what is it that… Read more »

Getting Your Braces Off

You and your braces will be together for a long time. It may be months or a year. It may seem like you will be stuck together forever, but one day, your teeth will be properly aligned and it will be time to remove your braces. Getting your braces off is done in one appointment…. Read more »

How to Deal with a Broken Retainer

If you wear braces, it’s a safe bet that you will have to wear a retainer when they come off. Since every person’s orthodontic situation is different, every person will need to wear their retainer for a different length of time.  But, you will have to follow the ’s instructions about wearing it to make… Read more »