The world’s first monitoring solution in orthodontic care.

Your smartphone is now able to capture tooth movements and communicate them to your orthodontist at Drs. Sellke & Reily’s office.
Dental Monitoring allows your orthodontist to remotely control your treatment in braces or Invisalign, warning your doctor of changing conditions as they occur.
Dental Monitoring, allows us to receive live/remote feedback on your treatment progress every week! This makes your Orthodontic treatment faster and more efficient with fewer appointments required.
Patients download the DM app that we provide you, and follow instructions for taking photos. This should take no more than 3 minutes! DM then adjusts and enhances your photos with their proprietary software to provide us sequential photos that can be used to monitor your treatment progress.

With DM you will find why their tagline is “Less time, more control”, because you will spend less time in the office (a huge convenience for you) even as our orthodontists have more control over all the critical aspects of your progress.